January Athlete of the Month: Blayne Clanton

Blayne Clanton

Blayne Clanton
Men’s Basketball
#3, Combo Guard  

Age: 21

Hometown: Tacoma

Nickname: B-Smooth

Hidden Talent: I’m a good singer.

Pre-Game Ritual: Stretching and getting ready.

Favorite Food: Pizza, pepperoni and bacon.

Most Wanted Superhero Power: I would want to be Spiderman so I can have webs shooting from my hands.  It would be fun to web people and climb walls.

Plans after Pierce: I want to go DI or DII, really just go to a university to play basketball.

Coach Mendy says:  Blayne’s hard work every day in practice paves the way for other teammates to follow. His long range bombs in the Crossover tournament at Bellevue helped the Raiders go 2-1 and placed him on the All-Tourney team. We are very proud of Blayne’s 3.5 GPA fall quarter and look forward to watching his continued development during the league portion of the season.

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