Pierce College issues refunds by check to the registered student, regardless of original payment type. Refunds of course fees will be given as follows:

  • 100% – When a course is cancelled by Community & Continuing Education.
  • 100% less $7 registration fee – When a student withdraws five (5) business days prior to the first class session.
  • 0% – When a student withdraws less than five (5) business days prior to the first class session, after the class begins or does not attend (or stops attending) the course.

For information on the Pacific NW Dental Hygiene Institute refund policies go here or call (253) 912-3656.

Deposits on courses/trips, clock hour/CEU fees, online courses after usernames and passwords have been issued and the $7 registration fee are nonrefundable. The College does not refund amounts of $10 or less.

If you have an outstanding debt to the college, the college may offset the outstanding debt against any refunds due to you.