The Suicidal Student: Webinar Recording Available

What would you do if you thought a student was having suicidal thoughts?

Several Pierce College employees recently participated in a webinar about suicidal students, and a recording of the webinar is now available for any employee to view.  The webinar is titled “The Suicidal Student: Critical Do’s & Don’ts For Faculty” but the information presented is useful for any employee who works with students.

Click here to access the webinar recording, the powerpoint, and the handout:

Here’s a description of the webinar, from the Innovative Educators website.

Join Dr. Brian Van Brunt as he draws from his 15 years of teaching experience along with his 18 years as a professional counselor to help faculty interact and communicate with suicidal students. He will offer direct and practical advice, share stories based on his own teaching experience, and walk both new and experienced faculty through the potential minefield of addressing suicidal ideations in the classroom.

This recording is available for 1 year, until March 2015.

At Pierce College, we have Counseling Services available for students in crisis.  Click here to learn more.  Deborah Bransford at Pierce College Fort Steilacoom and Liz Scott at Pierce College Puyallup are both Licensed Mental Health Counselors – they can help you if you have concerns about your students.