Tune In To These 2 Upcoming Webinars

webinar1There are two FREE webinars coming up this week, both focused on innovative uses of technology in the classroom.

Friday April 11 – NWeLearn Webinar: Using Magazine Aggregators to Flip the Classroom

  • When: April 11 at 1:30 PM PST
  • Who: Mark Gaither, Business Technology Instructor at Lower Columbia College
  • Where: NWeLearn Blackboard Collaborate Webinar Room. Click here to join the room.
  • Description: Whether it’s keeping up on current events or collecting topical material from a variety of sources, consider using a magazine aggregator, such as Flipboard, to search and share content from hundreds of popular publications. In this session you’ll learn how to collect articles, create magazines, and allow students to contribute as co-editors. The eReader interface and the ability to share it with others through your LMS, make these applications an awesome tool for student-led instruction.

Thursday April 17 – IGNIS Webinar: Harnessing Your Students’ Mobile Technology for the Forces of Good

  • When: April 17 at 2:00 PM PST
  • Who: Sue Frantz, Psychology Instructor at Highline Community College
  • Where: ATL IGNIS Blackboard Collaborate Webinar Room.  Click here to join the room.