“Engagement Matters” – A New Brown Bag Series

The Center for Engagement and Learning is launching a new “brown bag” lunch series for the remainder of Spring Quarter focused on Student Engagement.  This series is open to ALL Pierce College employees – everyone has a role in student engagement and success, and we need everyone’s perspective.

We’ll meet every week during the noon hour at either Puyallup or Fort Steilacoom for lunch conversation around various topics.  No specific knowledge is needed – everyone is welcome.  Feel free to bring your lunch, dessert will be provided!  Join us for the whole time, or just stop in for a bit.


Fresh Perspectives: TED Talks to Energize and Engage

TED Talks are captivating, short videos by today’s experts and thought leaders, who have “ideas worth spreading.”  We’ll sample several TED talks that have relevance to our work and mission as a college and discuss the ideas worth spreading at Pierce College.

  • Monday April 28, 12-1 PM in Olympic Building 205
  • Monday May 5, 12-1 PM in Admin Building 166

Front Door Engagement: Experiences of Our New Students

Every year thousands of new students walk through our doors. What role do all employees have in contributing to the “front door” experience of new students? How can we maintain a welcoming environment to engage and include new students?  We’ll examine national and local data, and share our experiences, to collaboratively brainstorm ideas.

  • Monday May 12, 12-1 PM in Olympic Building 205
  • Monday May 19, 12-1 PM in Admin Building 166

“Aspirations to Achievement: Men of Color and Community Colleges”

A discussion about male students of color at Pierce College.  Guided by a newly released national report and accompanying video, we’ll explore the data and perspectives behind student achievement amongst men of color. Come share strategies for engaging and supporting men of color at Pierce College.

  • Monday June 2, 12-1 PM in Olympic Building 205
  • Monday June 9, 12-1 PM in Admin Building 166