CEAL on Air Podcasts Kick-Off for 2017-2018

Center for Engagement and Learning presents their first podcasts of the academic year- CEAL on Air – just in time for a state-wide week of recognition of adjunct and part-time faculty in higher education. A big thanks to Olga Webstad, Teresa Josten and Karen Danner for taking the time to be our guests on COA.

We are also trying out a hosting platform for our podcasts and will be linking to episodes hosted on Libsyn.com. Check out three recent interviews with Pierce College adjunct faculty – part of a series of interviews with our adjunct faculty that will be continuing through November 2017.

You can listen right from our Libsyn page by clicking on this link! 

or visit our CEAL Intranet page where you can also find archives of past COA vodcasts and podcasts.