About This Blog

Welcome to the Backchannel – the official blog for The Center for Engagement and Learning (CEAL)

What We Do

CEAL facilitates faculty and staff learning and sharing to support student success.  By increasing access to ongoing, cohesive professional development opportunities, we build shared knowledge around student success and learning.

We collaborate with other Pierce College units to offer professional development and training experiences to all employees, so that innovative learning-centered instruction and services can be provided to our students and community. The Center for Engagement and Learning supports the district’s strategies for Achieving the Dream and Institutional Effectiveness.

Why We Blog

The CEAL team promotes the use of social networking and social media to connect with faculty and staff at Pierce and educational professionals state-wide, nationally and internationally. We can do this through our blogs and other media sharing networks. We work hard to provide interesting and relevant content, encourage comment and discussion of important topics and regularly post updates about current professional development courses and training opportunities for faculty and staff.

The CEAL Team

Greg Brazell, Director of the Center for Engagement and Learning

Renee Phoenix, Instructional Designer

Jessica Bodas, Program Coordinator

Kyle Peirson, Education Technology Assistant



This team reports to Jo Ann Baria, Vice President of Workforce, Economic, and Professional Development.