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Campus Safety and Active Shooter Preparedness

The recent unfortunate tragedy at Seattle Pacific University serves as a stark reminder of the importance of safety on our college campuses.  When these instances of extreme violence occur, too often, we do not have answers to explain away the uncertainties surrounding these type of tragedies.  We do know however, that a sense of safety is a key indicator for student engagement, which in turn is linked to a student’s academic success.  In light of this, vigilance and awareness is crucial to promote safety on our college campuses.  Though there is no strategy that can guarantee the complete avoidance of these most extreme forms of violence, we as a campus community can ensure that we are aware of a common approach to handle these events and promote safety.

The following video links were provided by Chris MacKersie, Pierce College’s Director of Safety and Security, on the best manner in which to respond to an active shooter situation:

  • Shots Fired: A 20 minute video that provides critical guidance to increase survival chances in an active shooter situation.  You are required to put in a username (campus) and a password (safety) to access the video.  You can access the video here.
  • Run. Hide. Fight. Surviving an Active Shooter Event:  A 5 minute video that provides the basic concepts and application of the run, hide, or fight strategy that is being used for active shooter training nationwide.  You can access the video here.

Additionally, FEMA has a free online course that provides comprehensive training on how to respond to an active shooter situation.  You can access the FEMA IS-907 Active Shooter – What Can You Do course here.

Pierce College also has a number of tools available in the event of an emergency.  They include the following:

The Pierce College Emergency Notification System (PCENS): This is the primary tools used in the event of an emergency to communicate with both students and employees. By default only your college employee and student email addresses have been automatically loaded into the system. If you would like to receive emergency notifications through additional means, please log in and update your profile with your current personal contact information such as your personal email, text, mobile phone, and home phone.

Online Incident Reporting Form: Information that should be reported is anything that is witnessed, observed, or participated in that is cause for significant concern.

Examples include:

  •  All suspicious behaviors or actions as well as any criminal acts.
  • Knowledge of information or incidents that could cause harm to persons or property.
  • Knowledge of information or acts that could threaten College internal intelligence, information, reputation, as well as  violations of student code of conduct.
  • Report those exhibiting signs of high risk behaviors such as anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Expressions by others of feelings of depression, reduction of self-worth, and/or uselessness including suicidal symptoms.

Please keep in mind that this system does not replace emergency notification systems such as campus safety and 911. If you believe there is an imminent threat to persons or property contact 911 and then Campus Safety.  If you have any questions, please contact Campus Safety at (253) 964-6751 (Fort Steilacoom campus) and (253) 840-8481 (Puyallup campus).

Be the Connect for Your Student Veterans

veteran student watching film

“Veterans Day 2013″ by COD Newsroom licensed as CC-BY

Want to learn more about supporting veteran students in your classroom?

On Monday, March 17 Timm Lovitt, Director of Veterans Programs at Green River Community College, will facilitate a conversation and share the results of his best practices research which was funded by the Veterans Training Support Center. Find attached a copy of a workshop flyer that includes an agenda.

Here is an agenda to give you an idea of the topics for the day.

Educational Attainment for All Diversity Conference in Yakima, WA

Attend the first annual Educational Attainment for All Diversity Conference, organized by the Washington Student Achievement Council.

  • What:  Educational Attainment for All Diversity Conference
  • When:  Wednesday, April 16.  8-5 PM
  • Where:  Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences in Yakima, WA
  • How to Register: conference is FREE!  Act fast, seats are limited. 

Click here to view the draft agenda.  Here’s a description from the conference website:

The conference will provide P-12 and postsecondary educators, counselors, outreach and support personnel, and leaders opportunities to engage with each other in understanding the latest demographic data and trends, sharing effective practices, and developing an ongoing P-20 network dedicated to improving educational opportunities for historically underserved groups.

Equity is a major component of Achieving the Dream.  According to their website, participating schools “commit to eliminating achievement gaps among student groups, including students of color and low income students while improving outcomes for all students…especially those who have traditionally faced the most significant barriers to achievement.”

TONIGHT! Common Book Panel: African American Males & Student Success

Common Intellectual Experiences, such a Pierce College’s “Common Book Program” have been identified as a high-impact practice for engaged learning.  The Common Book Program addresses broad themes from this year’s book, The Other Wes Moore, through a variety of curricular and co-curricular experiences for students and other Pierce College community members.  Check out tonight’s event!

Common Book Panel: African American Males & Student Success 

Wednesday February 12th, 5:30-7:00 PM at Pierce College Puyallup AAH Theatre

The Pierce 2014 Common Book, The Other Wes Moore, asks its readers

wes moore

to examine the individual and systemic factors impacting the life paths of our nation’s young people.

This panel takes on this charge looking specifically at the disparities in education and incarceration experienced by African American males. Distinguished Professor of Communications, Chair of the African American Studies Program, and Co-Chair of the Race and Pedagogy Initiative at the University of Puget Sound, Dr. Dexter Gordon, will facilitate an historical overview of race and education followed by a panel discussion highlighting ideas for solution and action.

This event is free and open to all – please encourage students, faculty, and community members to attend.  This panel should appeal to a wide range of students and faculty regardless of discipline.  If you are interested in reading the common book and especially if you’re thinking in using it in a future course, please let me know: we still have a few copies to give to instructors.