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SBCTC Webinars, Courses and More!

The State Board of Community and Technical Colleges offers a variety of professional opportunities for faculty and staff across the state of Washington. Many of their events are virtual and can be viewed live or via recordings after the event. Below are a few of the upcoming offerings:

IGNIS Webinars –

Tips for Making Online Learning Opportunities Accessible to All Students
Thursday, May 18

Engaging Students Online with Web Conferencing
Thursday, May 25, 2017

Beyond Textbooks with OER
Thursday, June 8, 2017

For more information or a link to join the webinar, visit the ATL Blog – IGNIS 2017 page

Webinar Series on Accessibility for Faculty and Staff

CATO (the Committee for Accessible Technology Oversight) is proud to introduce the Spring Lunchtime Accessibility Webinar Series!  Follow the title links below to register for upcoming events. Webinars are hosted by Jess Thompson, Program Administrator at SBCTC

Principles of Accessible Design
Tuesday, April 25
Noon – 1pm
Link to Webinar Recording on YouTube

PPT Slide Deck for Download: Principles of Accessible Design

MS Word Accessibility
Wednesday, May 3
Noon – 1pm
Webinar Recording not available yet

Accessibility & 3rd Party Materials
Tuesday, May 16
Noon – 1pm

Web Accessibility: Tools and Tips for Testing
Wednesday, May 24
Noon – 1pm

Facilitated 4-Week Accessibility 101 Training

To learn more about this course visit this webpage on the SBCTC site:

Dates for upcoming sessions are not listed on the site yet, but you can save these dates below and be

    • July 10 – Aug 6 (registration will open late May)
    • Aug 7 – Sept 3 (registration will open late June)


Share Your Work in A 2017 IGNIS Webinar

IGNIS webinar series logoThe SBCTC Office of eLearning and Open Education is excited to offer another fabulous season of IGNIS. Planning for the 2017 season is already in the works, and they are searching for outstanding professionals to present!

A recent “Call for Proposals” from IGNIS organizers is looking for innovative and forward-thinking faculty from across the state to submit a proposal and share their work with colleagues. We think we have a lot of those kinds of faculty right here at Pierce, so CEAL wants to encourage you to submit a proposal for this IGNIS webinar series!

If accepted, you’ll be presenting in webinar format during the Winter and Spring quarters coming up in 2017. Review the topics below, and then create 250-500 word abstract highlighting your presentation idea.

Accessible & Useable Course Design
Authentic Assessment & Higher Order Thinking
Change Management
Creative Uses for Canvas (Tools, Tips & Tricks)
Creative Uses for Canvas (Tools, Tips & Tricks)
Collaboration & Connectedness
Favorite Online Tools (Show & Tell)
Open Educational Resources (OERs)
Personalized Learning
Quality Assurance
Outcomes & Alignment
Social Media Uses
Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

If you have a brilliant topic that does not fit in any of these categories, there is an “other” category on the proposal form.

Follow this link to learn more and to submit your proposal:

PROPOSAL DEADLINE: Midnight on January 20th, 2017
QUESTIONS? Please contact Alissa Sells at or Mark Carbon at

Need help brain-storming a topic? Not sure how to present in webinar format? Contact Renee Phoenix, or Greg Brazell to discuss the possibilities. We are here to help you share your work with the world!


Open Education Resources Training Getting an Update

State Board of Community and Tech Colleges (SBCTC) OER training is taking time out to update and improve their course.

There have been significant changes with the service providers and tools introduced in the training, so they’ve decided to skip the next November training in order to update the content and keep it current. To keep up with the high demand of this training, SBCTC will offer 2 one-hour webinars that cover the basics of OER as during the restructuring process. The new OER training will resume in January

November 2016 – OER Webinar Training Dates:

  • November 18 at 10:00 -11:00 AM
  • November 25 at 10:00 -11:00 AM

All webinars can be accessed through this link and are conducted in Blackboard Collaborate:


Audio headsets are ideal for participating in the webinars. Login and test your audio gear early. Or if you want to practice using your audio on your PC or laptop, email Kyle Peirson or Renee Phoenix in CEAL for help.

Questions? Contact Boyoung Chae at SBCTC:



IGNIS Webinar Series – Two Sessions on Accessibility

Don’t Miss These IGNIS Webinars in May 2015

You are invited to join Alissa Sells and Jen Whetham from SBCTC as they host two upcoming IGNIS webinars on accessibility.  All IGNIS webinars are delivered on Collaborate and sessions are recorded and posted on the ATL blog.

Follow this link to join IGNIS Webinars via Collaborate

Live Sessions Coming Up:

May 21, 2015 IGNIS webinar promotional image of Terrill ThompsonThursday, May 21st, 2015 at 2 pm
Making Accessibility Accessible
Terrill Thompson
Technology Accessibility Specialist, University of Washington

  • Join us in celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day.  Terrill will talk about how to make the process of accessibility more accessible to faculty.  Come learn some tips on making your course more accessible and much more!

Thursday, May 28th, 2015 at 2 pm
5 Steps to an Accessible Syllabus
A Faculty Learning Community Presentation by Shoreline Community College

  • As a follow-up to “Making Accessibility Accessible”, please join us for this special hands-on webinar where you’ll learn how to make the various features of a Word document accessible using your course syllabus as an example.  It’s BYOS…bring your own syllabus!  Participants will be given work time during the webinar to start making changes to their documents.  If you missed Shoreline’s Accessibility retreat in February, you won’t want to miss this session!”

If you can’t make it to a webinar, no worries – they are recorded!

Follow this link to view past IGNIS webinars on the ATL blog site

FREE Web Accessibility MOOC for Online Educators

wamoeMany eLearning educators are eager to learn how to make their courses more available to students who struggle with web accessibility issues. This free MOOC, sponsored by the Instructional Technology Council, Portland Community College, and D2L, provides a FREE professional development opportunity to help eLearning professionals meet the challenges of improving accessibility in online learning.

Specifically, the following goals are to be achieved by course participants:

1. Build a personal knowledge base in web accessibility for online education

2. Create accessible photo images, diagrams, and charts for online courses

3. Create accessible audio and video components for online courses

4. Create accessible HTML content pages for online courses

5. Create accessible course content in other formats

Successful participants will have the option of receiving an electronic not-for-credit completion certificate from D2L at the end of the course.

Registration is open from March 6 until April 16, 2015.  The course is limited to 500 registrations. For more information and to register, go here.

Free IGNIS Webinar Series 2015 Kicks Off Feb 5!

IGNIS LogoJoin hosts Alissa Sells and Jennifer Whetham from the State Board of Community and Technical Colleges for the 2015 series of IGNIS online webinars. This popular webinar series is a fully online format featuring local and regional faculty and other experts who present on a variety of topics related to teaching, assessment, technology and all things community college. These webinars are free and there is no need to sign up before attending.

Been There, Done That!

This Thursday, February 5 at 2PM, Alyson Indrunas, Director of eLearning and Instructional Design from Everett Community College will talk about the challenges and triumphs of her online teaching career so far. Always entertaining and insightful, Alyson will  reveal the “Four Things I Did Wrong as an Online Teacher.”

Don’t miss it! 

The IGNIS webinars are delivered in BlackBoard Collaborate sessions and there is no need to register or sign-up. Just click the “Join Us in Collaborate” link below to join the webinar.  The IGNIS Collaborate room is open 24/7 so you are welcome to test your connection anytime before the scheduled webinar.  A headset/microphone is recommended for optimal audio quality.

Hope to see you there!

To access the webinar follow this link:


New To Using Collaborate?

Follow this link to a very helpful resource for how to prepare your computer to use Collaborate. (thanks to Shoreline Community College eLearning department). Be sure you have the latest version of JAVA on your computer*.

*Chrome browser on a MAC does not support use of the JAVA applet required to access Collaborate webinars. BB Collaborate recommends using FireFox or Safari browsers on a MAC.

Free Professional Development Opportunity on Web Accessibility

wamoePortland Community College, in collaboration with Brightspace/D2L Teaching and Learning Community,  is offering a free online course on web accessibility for online educators.  Web Accessibility MOOC for Online Educators, or #WAMOE, is designed to help e-Learning professionals meet the challenges of compliance with web accessibility requirements as they pertain to electronic learning environments.

This five-week course begins on Monday, October 20, 2014.  There are weekly modules that are designed to help instructors improve web accessibility skills specifically for teaching online.  This course will allow you to:

  1. Build a personal knowledge base in web accessibility for online education
  2. Create accessible photo images, diagrams, and charts
  3. Create accessible audio and video components
  4. Create or evaluate accessible HTML content pages
  5. Create accessible course content in other formats

This course is offered through D2L Open Courses and registration is open from September 29 to November 14, 2014.  Active course facilitation lasts for five weeks, beginning October 20, 2014 and ending November 22, 2014.

A completion certificate from D2L will also be provided. Register today! 

Learn about Open Educational Resources this October

a picture of books, whose covers spell "open"

Photo by opensourceway is licensed as CC-BY-SA

SBCTC eLearning is again offering their popular “How to Use Open Educational Resources” training.  This two week fully online course begins on October 9, 2014 and provides participants with information and experience in adopting and integrating open educational resources (OER) into their classrooms.  In addition, participants will have the opportunity to practice locating and sharing open educational resources.

This is a fully facilitated training and successful completion will result in an official certificate.  Participants are expected to spend 10 hours to complete the course.  This training is completely FREE to all WA state community college and technical instructors.

Interested? Head to the training website.

Inquiries about the training content or schedules?  Please email Boyoung Chair at


IGNIS Webinar Series Week #5: OER, Courage to Teach, & Social Sciences Online

Don’t miss Week #5 of the IGNIS Webinar Series this Thursday, June 5, 2014 at 2:00 p.m.  Presenters from South Puget Sound Community College, Lake Washington Institute of Technology, and Bellevue College will share their experiences.  Topics include creating “open” textbooks, how one’s personal developments and health impacts teaching and learning, and exploring Canvas from a disciplinary perspective.  No preregistration is required, simply login here to participate.

  • Rick McKinnon (South Puget Sound Community College): “Exploring Platforms for Collaborative Creation of Open Textbooks.”
    The first goal of this FLC will be to make an in-depth exploration of a number of collaborative tools that may perform this function. We’ll determine whether Content Management Systems (CMSs) such as Drupal, Ning, Huddle, and Wikispaces are appropriate for the creation of an open textbook.  After a suitable platform is chosen, the next goal will be to develop best practices around the development of CoPs, and to provide training to faculty who wish to develop and participate in CoPs focused on creation of a textbook in their area of expertise. The final goal of this FLC will be to document our experience for development of such CoPs so that other colleges may replicate it.
  • Sally Heilstedt (Lake Washington Institute of Technology): “The Courage to Teach.”
    Together, a community of faculty and staff who teach will create a safe place to discuss their experiences as teachers, learn from Parker Palmer’s insights about the inner life of teachers and from one another, and discover how personal development and health impacts teaching and learning.
  • Katharine Hunt (Bellevue College): “Social Science Learning Online Group (SSLOG).”
    Full-time and adjunct social science faculty will explore specific tools and functionalities in Canvas from a disciplinary perspective.  They will focus on revising materials in their online courses to be more accessible for learners with a wide variety of learning challenges, finding a balance between maximizing student learning experience and the instructor workload, and “closing the gap” between successful and unsuccessful students.


IGNIS Webinar Series Week #4: Learning Communities & Service Learning

Week #4 of the IGNIS Webinar Series is on Thursday, May 29, 2014 at 2:00 p.m.  Presenters from Clark College and Columbia Basin College will share their experiences with learning communities and service learning.  No preregistration is required, simply login here to participate.

  • Ray Korpi (Clark College) “Incorporating the Learning Community Model into Clark College: A faculty learning community on student learning communities:”  Faculty and student affairs staff will work on implementing their action plan created July of 2013 at the Washington Center National Summer Institute on Learning Communities with the intention to create a sustainable system in which learning communities can thrive at Clark.  Inspired by the Washington Center’s vision of New Era Learning Communities, this group intends to create more faculty knowledge and awareness of current learning community pedagogy, to provide a faculty access point for potential policy decisions concerning LC’s, and provide professional development opportunities for faculty specific to planning and instructing LC’s.
  • Lorraine Leedy (Clark College) “Adopting Open Resources for Improved Student Learning:”  Comprised of faculty from across the disciplines, including CTE, Academic Transfer, and Basic Education, this FLC will engage five instructors in adopting Open Educational Resources (OER) and restructuring their curricula to incorporate OER into one of their courses.
  • Brett Riley (Columbia Basin College) “Enhancing Student Learning and Development: Exploring Service Learning:” This FLC will examine multiple examples of discipline relevant service learning assignments/activities, offer a service learning colloquium for staff and faculty and create the following: a CBC service learning resources webpage, development of a faculty/staff guide to service learning capturing key FLC findings and discussions, a faculty/staff survey of service learning knowledge of, and willingness to include activities as part of learning/development), and a student survey of service learning (willingness and interest in participating).  

IGNIS Webinar Series Week #3: Transitions, Mindfulness, and Quality Matters

Don’t miss Week #3 of the IGNIS Webinar series.  Topics will include transition from college to the workforce, mindfulness, and Quality Matters.  Presenters will share their experiences in a 10 minute presentation with time for Q&As and follow-up discussions at the end of each session.

No preregistration required.  To participate, simply log in to the IGNIS webinar room.

Presenters and Projects:

1.  Marc Lentini and Maurea Maya, Highline Community College: “Improving Transition to College and Workforce with Technology.”
Technology skills are a critical barrier to success in credit classes and the workforce for ABE and ESL students. The goal of this FLC is to improve transitions to credit classes and the workforce through integrating the technology skills into pre-college classes.  The FLC will develop a set of class activities, linked to outcomes, which will integrate technology and basic English and Math skills into their instruction.  Participants will continue professional development to develop a broader and deeper understanding of how to use technology in teaching.

2.  Laurie Adamson, Olympic College: “Using Mindfulness Practices to Enhance Teaching and Learning.”
Mindfulness practices help to develop present moment awareness and are effective in reducing stress and increasing focus and concentration. Members of this FLC will examine and experience ways to bring mindfulness practices into the classroom and work environment with a goal of reducing the stress that may be an obstacle to effective teaching and learning.

3.  Jessica Thommpson, Olympic College: “Engaging and Accessible: Achieving Quality Matters (QM) Standards in Online Teaching.”
This group will examine ways to optimize student engagement and assure accessibility for all online students. We will explore various technologies and engage in some creative problem-solving in order to develop course material that is mindful of accessibility issues, yet still engaging and interactive.


Tune In To These 2 Upcoming Webinars

webinar1There are two FREE webinars coming up this week, both focused on innovative uses of technology in the classroom.

Friday April 11 – NWeLearn Webinar: Using Magazine Aggregators to Flip the Classroom

  • When: April 11 at 1:30 PM PST
  • Who: Mark Gaither, Business Technology Instructor at Lower Columbia College
  • Where: NWeLearn Blackboard Collaborate Webinar Room. Click here to join the room.
  • Description: Whether it’s keeping up on current events or collecting topical material from a variety of sources, consider using a magazine aggregator, such as Flipboard, to search and share content from hundreds of popular publications. In this session you’ll learn how to collect articles, create magazines, and allow students to contribute as co-editors. The eReader interface and the ability to share it with others through your LMS, make these applications an awesome tool for student-led instruction.

Thursday April 17 – IGNIS Webinar: Harnessing Your Students’ Mobile Technology for the Forces of Good

  • When: April 17 at 2:00 PM PST
  • Who: Sue Frantz, Psychology Instructor at Highline Community College
  • Where: ATL IGNIS Blackboard Collaborate Webinar Room.  Click here to join the room.