IGNIS Webinar Series Week #3: Transitions, Mindfulness, and Quality Matters

Don’t miss Week #3 of the IGNIS Webinar series.  Topics will include transition from college to the workforce, mindfulness, and Quality Matters.  Presenters will share their experiences in a 10 minute presentation with time for Q&As and follow-up discussions at the end of each session.

No preregistration required.  To participate, simply log in to the IGNIS webinar room.

Presenters and Projects:

1.  Marc Lentini and Maurea Maya, Highline Community College: “Improving Transition to College and Workforce with Technology.”
Technology skills are a critical barrier to success in credit classes and the workforce for ABE and ESL students. The goal of this FLC is to improve transitions to credit classes and the workforce through integrating the technology skills into pre-college classes.  The FLC will develop a set of class activities, linked to outcomes, which will integrate technology and basic English and Math skills into their instruction.  Participants will continue professional development to develop a broader and deeper understanding of how to use technology in teaching.

2.  Laurie Adamson, Olympic College: “Using Mindfulness Practices to Enhance Teaching and Learning.”
Mindfulness practices help to develop present moment awareness and are effective in reducing stress and increasing focus and concentration. Members of this FLC will examine and experience ways to bring mindfulness practices into the classroom and work environment with a goal of reducing the stress that may be an obstacle to effective teaching and learning.

3.  Jessica Thommpson, Olympic College: “Engaging and Accessible: Achieving Quality Matters (QM) Standards in Online Teaching.”
This group will examine ways to optimize student engagement and assure accessibility for all online students. We will explore various technologies and engage in some creative problem-solving in order to develop course material that is mindful of accessibility issues, yet still engaging and interactive.


IGNIS Webinar Series: Highlighting 2013-2014 Faculty Learning Communities


Join your colleagues across the state for the upcoming IGNIS Webinar Series to highlight the work of the 2013-2014 Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs).  This six-week long series will start next Thursday, May 8, 2014 and will end on Thursday, June 12, 2014.  Each weekly session will begin at 2:00 p.m. on the specific date and will contain two to three ten minute presentations with opportunities for Q&A and follow-up discussions.  If you are unfamiliar with the 2013-2014 FLCs, please refer here to find out more about their work.  Pierce College’s work on interdisciplinary collaborations between professional and technical programs will be featured in the webinar series!

No pre-registration is required.  To participate, simply log in to the IGNIS webinar room.  If you are unfamiliar with the process, please refer here for a helpful step-by-step to the process.

Schedule of IGNIS Webinar Series

Thursday, May 8 at 2PM: Inclusion, Universal Design, Reading Apprenticeship

  • North Seattle Community College: Beyond Inclusion – Addressing Systemic Bias on Our Campuses by Developing Strategies to Build Cultural Competency Skills
  • Spokane Falls Community College: Universal Design
  • Highline Community College: Reading Apprenticeship Across Disciplines and Programs

Thursday, May 15 at 2PM: K-12/CTC Partnerships, LGBPTQIA, QM: Transition from     F2F to Hybrid

  • Tacoma Community College: Reimagining Relationships Between High School and College Instructors
  • Highline Community College: LGBT+– LGBPTQIA Socially Responsible Faculty
  • Olympic College: Transitioning a Face-to-Face Course to a Hybrid Course Using the Quality Matters™ Rubric Standards and Best Practices for Blended Learning

Thursday, May 22 at 2PM: Transition from College to Workforce, Mindfulness, QM: Engaging and Accessible

  • Highline Community College: Improving Transition to College and Workforce with Technology
  • Olympic College: Engaging and Accessible: Achieving Quality Matters Standards in Online Teaching
  • Olympic College: Using Mindfulness Practices to Enhance Teaching and Learning

Thursday, May 29 at 2PM: Learning Communities, Service Learning

  • Clark College: Incorporating the Learning Community Model into Clark College: A faculty learning community on student learning communities
  • Columbia Basin College: Enhancing Student Learning and Development: Exploring Service Learning
  • Clark College: Adopting Open Resources for Improved Student Learning

Thursday, June 5 at 2PM: OER, Courage to Teach, Social Sciences Online

  • South Puget Sound Community College: Exploring Platforms for Collaborative Creation of Open Textbooks
  • Lake Washington Institute of Technology: The Courage to Teach
  • Bellevue College: Social Science Learning Online Group (SSLOG)

Thursday, June 12 at 2 PM: Cooperative Learning, Interdisciplinary Collaborations

  • Lower Columbia College: Integrating Cooperative Learning Activities into the Classroom Across the Disciplines
  • Pierce College: Interdisciplinary Collaborations between Professional/Technical Programs

Quality Matters Workshops in May and June

QM_ProgramThere are two FREE upcoming opportunities to take the “Applying the QM Rubric” Workshop.

  • Online Workshop May 1-May 20.  This session is 100% online and 2+ weeks long (expect to spend 8-10 hours per week to successfully complete).
  • In-Person Workshop June 23 & June 24 1-4:30 PM at Pierce College Puyallup.  This is a 2-part workshop, totaling of 7 hours.

These workshops are offered at no cost to you, but registration is required. Click here to register.

This is QM’s flagship workshop on the QM Rubric and the process of using the QM Rubric to review online courses.  Quality Matters is both a tool and a process for ensuring online course quality.  QM emphasizes faculty-centered continuous improvement.

For more information about this workshop, please click here: http://www.pierce.ctc.edu/dist/ceal/qmworkshops

“Engagement Matters” – A New Brown Bag Series

The Center for Engagement and Learning is launching a new “brown bag” lunch series for the remainder of Spring Quarter focused on Student Engagement.  This series is open to ALL Pierce College employees – everyone has a role in student engagement and success, and we need everyone’s perspective.

We’ll meet every week during the noon hour at either Puyallup or Fort Steilacoom for lunch conversation around various topics.  No specific knowledge is needed – everyone is welcome.  Feel free to bring your lunch, dessert will be provided!  Join us for the whole time, or just stop in for a bit.


Fresh Perspectives: TED Talks to Energize and Engage

TED Talks are captivating, short videos by today’s experts and thought leaders, who have “ideas worth spreading.”  We’ll sample several TED talks that have relevance to our work and mission as a college and discuss the ideas worth spreading at Pierce College.

  • Monday April 28, 12-1 PM in Olympic Building 205
  • Monday May 5, 12-1 PM in Admin Building 166

Front Door Engagement: Experiences of Our New Students

Every year thousands of new students walk through our doors. What role do all employees have in contributing to the “front door” experience of new students? How can we maintain a welcoming environment to engage and include new students?  We’ll examine national and local data, and share our experiences, to collaboratively brainstorm ideas.

  • Monday May 12, 12-1 PM in Olympic Building 205
  • Monday May 19, 12-1 PM in Admin Building 166

“Aspirations to Achievement: Men of Color and Community Colleges”

A discussion about male students of color at Pierce College.  Guided by a newly released national report and accompanying video, we’ll explore the data and perspectives behind student achievement amongst men of color. Come share strategies for engaging and supporting men of color at Pierce College.

  • Monday June 2, 12-1 PM in Olympic Building 205
  • Monday June 9, 12-1 PM in Admin Building 166

Upcoming Center for Courage and Renewal Retreat: July 17 – 19, 2014

The Center for Courage and Renewal is offering a unique opportunity for local professional development with a program titled “On the Threshold: Transitioning with Integrity & Grace.”   This three day/two night retreat will be held Thursday, July 17 at 4:00 p.m. through Saturday, July 19  at 1:00 p.m. at the beautiful St. Andrew’s House Retreat & Conference Center in Union, WA.threshold-door

This retreat will allow for a deep reflection on transitions, both personal and professional.  Participants will explore what it means to stand on the threshold of change and embrace this as an integral aspect of self-transformation.  Skilled facilitators, including Pierce’s own Karen Harding (Professor Emeritus), will help to create a focused “circle of trust” amongst participants.  This quiet, disciplined space will allow for a deeper exploration of participants’ inner voice and will utilize both group and solitary settings to focus on intersecting commonality amongst individuals.

The program is open to all interested individuals, but space is limited to only 25 participants.  The early bird registration deadline is May 10, 2014 with space availability up until July 10, 2014.

FeesEarly-bird rates are available if you register by May 10, 2014.  After that, rates will increase by $100.  Rates include all programming fees and materials, plus room and board.

  • Double occupancy: $550
  • Single occupancy: $650 (limited number of rooms)
  • Commuter (meals only): $450            

For more information about this retreat, including how to register, please check out the Center for Courage and Renewal website or this flyer.

New Certificate in Adult Education for Community College Instructors

Renton Technical College is offering a new Certificate in Adult Education.  This affordable 8-week online program is a two-part series of online courses; each part is 4 weeks long.

This series focuses on teaching necessities such as syllabus writing, finding and choosing materials, class planning, and outcomes and assessments. It also covers classroom management, communication, and engagement with diverse adult learners. Participants will have a valuable opportunity to network with other faculty across the system as they build their skills.

Exploration I: The Teaching Mindset June 2nd- June 30th, 2014

  1. Construct a Pathway to Success
  2. Teach Smarter, Not Harder: Planning and Assessing Learning

Exploration II: Your Classroom July 8 – Aug. 5th, 2014

3. Find your Footing: Teaching Practices and Classroom Management
4. Connect with Intent: Cultural Diversity and Student Engagement

Courses cost $280.00 for each 2-course Exploration, or $560.00 total.  Full-time and part-time faculty may be able to access professional development funding, which can be applied to the cost of these courses.  For more information about this program including how to register, check out this site.

Tune In To These 2 Upcoming Webinars

webinar1There are two FREE webinars coming up this week, both focused on innovative uses of technology in the classroom.

Friday April 11 - NWeLearn Webinar: Using Magazine Aggregators to Flip the Classroom

  • When: April 11 at 1:30 PM PST
  • Who: Mark Gaither, Business Technology Instructor at Lower Columbia College
  • Where: NWeLearn Blackboard Collaborate Webinar Room. Click here to join the room.
  • Description: Whether it’s keeping up on current events or collecting topical material from a variety of sources, consider using a magazine aggregator, such as Flipboard, to search and share content from hundreds of popular publications. In this session you’ll learn how to collect articles, create magazines, and allow students to contribute as co-editors. The eReader interface and the ability to share it with others through your LMS, make these applications an awesome tool for student-led instruction.

Thursday April 17 - IGNIS Webinar: Harnessing Your Students’ Mobile Technology for the Forces of Good

  • When: April 17 at 2:00 PM PST
  • Who: Sue Frantz, Psychology Instructor at Highline Community College
  • Where: ATL IGNIS Blackboard Collaborate Webinar Room.  Click here to join the room.

Design Collaboratory Sessions – The ID is In!

ID design help available

Starting the week of April 14 and ending the week of June 2, 2014, Design Collaboratory is an open invitation from CEAL to drop in and discuss instructional design questions about your courses.

Each week we will be available the following times and locations:

Mondays – Puyallup campus from 2:30-4:00pm in the Lava Java – A160

Tuesdays – Fort Steilacoom campus from 2:30pm – 4:00pm in the Lava Java – Library

Sample topics we are ready to help you with:

  • Questions about designing or re-designing your grounded, online or hybrid courses – how to get started and what to plan for in a course re-design project
  • How to get started with web-enhancing your classes with online content
  • Tools, tips and ideas for creative content design

Feel free to stop in during these hours at either campus to discuss your course design ideas, plans or challenges!

Spring Transitioning to Teaching Online (TTOL) Begins Soon!

Spring 2014 TTOL Begins April 21

Scheduled for April 21 through May 18, 2014– this fully online 4-week course* is offered through CEAL for adjunct or full-time faculty who are interested in teaching hybrid or fully online courses. You can visit our web page for more information about TTOL course content and objectives and to read about the time commitment required to complete the course. Course is facilitated by Renee Phoenix – Pierce District Instructional Designer


To register for TTOL,  follow this link to sign up through the eLearning department blog.

Sign up for Spring 2014 Transitioning to Teaching Online

*Please note: This course is required by the Pierce eLearning department for any Pierce faculty who are preparing to teach a fully online or hybrid course for the first time. Faculty that have completed similar training at another institution or if you have questions about this requirement, contact the Pierce eLearning department directly to verify their status for satisfying this training requirement.

Creative Content for What Works Wednesday!

Share Your Creative Content for Teaching and Learning!

It’s time for another What Works Wednesday session to start the spring quarter off in a creative mood!  Bring your favorite ideas, links and tools to share that you regularly use to create or present engaging instructional content. Do you create PDF or PowerPoint presentations? How about “explainer” videos? Have you ever used visual examples or simple animations to help students understand difficult concepts. Where do you find resources like this on the web? Where do you find free photos audio and video resources to use in your content?

Join us and share your tips for creating engaging instructional content! 

Wed Apr 9, 2014
2:30pm – 3:30pm
Where: Puyallup – C270

Come share your tips and secret software tricks you use to design your instructional materials, graphics, video or audio. View demos and try out new web applications – content curation tools like ScoopIt and Learnist, presentation applications like Prezi and Animoto,and fun and free graphics tools like Pixlr and PicMonkey. Learn about free Creative Commons sources for photos, audio, and video.

BONUS W3 Feature this week!

If you can’t join us in-person, we will be broadcasting and recording this session as a live webinar using BB Collaborate.  This will be the first time we’ve tried a live webinar format and we hope it is successful enough to bring you future W3 sessions live on the web!

Use this guest link to join on Wednesday – the session space will open at 2PM. Live webinar will start  at 2:30pm


These webinars use BlackBoard Collaborate as the webinar system and require that you have a headset and mic for optimal audio access. If you have never used Blackboard Collaborate before, please take some time to review how to set up your system to access a BB Collaborate session, or contact Ed Bachmann in the Pierce eLearning department for a tutorial on how to use Collaborate.

We also found this link to a very helpful resource for how to prepare to use Collaborate from Shoreline Community College eLearning department. Be sure you have the latest version of JAVA on your computer*.



An Animoto Demo to Inspire You!

Here’s an example of a free presentation web application you can learn to use in 15 minutes or less and create something really different or surprising for your next presentation or lesson in class. It was made with the free version of Animoto (a web video editor/creator) and free images from Creative Commons, Wikimedia Commons and some of my own images.  Inspired by students’ favorite quotes about teaching and learning.