Center of Excellence – Homeland Security Emergency Management

September 1, 2011

President Proclaims September as National Preparedness Month

Presidential Proclamation was issued today officially kicking off National Preparedness Month.  This year’s theme is “A time to remember, a time to prepare.” The President evokes

a message of remembrance as we approach the tenth anniversary of 9/11, and recognizes the resilience of Americans in recent disasters such as the Joplin tornadoes and Hurricane Irene.

These events serve as reminders and underscore the importance of preparedness as we work together this month of September.

What We Can Do:


  • Educate Others: Emphasize what to do before, during and after disasters



As a leader in your organization, you are a trusted voice in your community — you play a key leadership role in informing the public on how to get prepared.  You’ll find ideas, templates, sample messages, and additional information when you sign up as a coalition member.

Use this opportunity because there is no better time to prepare for a disaster than right now!  Thank you for your dedication and commitment to serving your communities.


FEMA’s Individual & Community Preparedness Division