Center of Excellence – Homeland Security Emergency Management

November 9, 2012

FEI Crisis Management – 20 years of crisis management consultation

FEI Crisis Management – Providing the Help You Need, When You Need It Most

No campus wants to imagine the worst case scenario, yet the perception of your preparedness in the wake of a disaster will have a significant impact on your reputation and the continuity of your business.

The ultimate impact of a crisis is determined by how well that crisis was addressed before, during, and after an actual event.

With over 20 years of crisis management consultation, we operate a network of 20 call centers around the country to handle the extremely high volume of calls that an incident will generate. This will relieve the burden that those calls will place on your internal telecommunications system. In addition, we provide a network of trained, experienced on-site responders to assist your team in managing the crisis. In order to ensure the safety of your campus, contact FEI today for a complimentary review of our Crisis Management services.

For more information, please contact Diane Barbieri at (800) 782-1948, Ext. 6525, email at , or visit us at

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