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July 29, 2014

Center of Excellence – HSEM: Helping Haiti in a Time of Need

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Mary Schoenfeldt, one of  the faculty members for the Pierce College Homeland Security Emergency Management Degree Program and the Public Outreach Coordinator with Everett Office of Emergency Management is a long time member of Green Cross which helps people who have been traumatized due to a disaster or catastrophic event.  Mary went with a group of Rotary members to Haiti to work with teenagers who are disaster victims for the earthquake.  Mary took 50 of the Center’s “to go” bags to share with the children and brought us back pictures of the children with their new bags.  She said  she could not believe the excitement by the children for receiving the bags which Mary had also added some additional supplies.  Certainly helps all of us put into perspective how important even the smallest items and gestures can be when someone is in need.   If you would like more information about what Mary does with Green Cross you can contact here at Mary Schoenfeldt .  Thank you Mary for all the amazing work you do with people who have been through.


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March 17, 2014

Center of Excellence: Advisory Committee Meeting Summary

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On February 25, 2014 The Center of Excellence for Homeland Security Emergency Management (HSEM) and Pierce College’s HSEM Degree Program held its first Advisory Committee Meeting of the year at the Port of Tacoma. The Committee elected Steve Reinbrecht and Keith Weir as Co-Chairs along with honoring our past Committee Chair, Vickie Brown for her six year services. She was unable to attend, but will be staying on as a member. We have four new members added to our Advisory Committee. Gerald Fiola is the Manager of Port Security at the Port of Tacoma; Bryant Harrison (alternate for Pat Massey) works at FEMA Region 10 specializes training and education in EM; Chris Johnson is an EM Program Manager at Virginia Mason Hospital & Medical Center; Richard Schroedel (alternate for Lowell Porter) works for Pierce County Emergency Management in supervising the Mitigation/Planning/Recovery process; and Jamye Wisecup is the Westside Representative at the Clallam County Sheriff’s Office in their Emergency Management Unit. Wisecup replaced former member, Ute Weber as our WSEMA representative.

After the approval of the October 22, 2013 meeting minutes our new members provided updates from their respected organizations and programs. Bryant Harrison updated everyone about the impacts on Alaska and Japan earthquake regarding radiation. He also mentioned how FEMA is trying to identify knowledge, skills, and ability (KSA) for their staff. FEMA is also transitioning to incident support instead of incident response. Harrison shared that the organization is working on new job titles and job organizations. Jeff Parsons at State Emergency Management Division (EMD) shared about the changes that happened at EMD. Parsons is in the business sector and deals with private business continuity. He explained that risk management is need for businesses. EMD staff, George Crawford is back to covering earthquake drills and exercises. Robert Ezelle is the new Director for EMD and he took command a year ago. Parson also shared that the Cascadia kick off for 2015 is in the works.

Jamye Wisecup works for WSEMA and replaced former Advisory Committee member, Ute Weber. Wisecup was unable to attend the meeting physically, but called via conference call to inform everyone what WSEMA has been up to this past year. The 2014 WSEMA conference is set to be hosted in Spokane on September 23-25. Wisecup informed that the organization is already working on the 2015-2016 conferences. The 2015 WSEMA conference will be a joint conference with Oregon. She also made notions to present to the WSEMA board about the HSEM curriculum and textbook requirements.

New member, Chris Johnson is involved with the Allied Health of EM. He said it is important we integrate Allied Health into the EM field. COE Director, Linda Crerar says that there is a possibility of establishing a certificate in Emergency Health and that one of the pieces that is missing to Health and EM is the lack of connectivity between each other. Johnson commented, “We want people in the Allied Health field to learn how to respond to a disaster.”  He also mentioned that often health care professions only want to interact when there is a disaster and that there isn’t anything really established where they could start working together. Co-Chair, Steve Reinbrecht mentioned that he feels that the HSEM program is very EM heavy and not very robust on the security side. He says we should split 50/50 EM, Pandemic, and Continuity of Operations.

Vice President of Workforce Education for Pierce College, Jo Ann Baria discussed plans to help military veterans transition into new careers and education. Baria said, “Our goal is to help veterans transition their skills from the military to civilian life. They will need access for advising on how to transition out and have information available about a pathway for education and employment.” Research has shown that there are four areas that are pretty common to transition veterans: (1) medic to nursing (some grant money is funded to help research. Trying to align what the gaps are in order to transition them faster. Carol Knight-Wallace was hired to research the skills, gaps, and trends), (2) HSEM and Criminal Justice field (Will get some money to help identify the gap areas,

(3) Trade Transportation and Logistics Management (Maybe next year a work group will get hired), (4) IT. Apprenticeships will need to be developed in order to help the veterans’ transition faster and easier. The HSEM degree program is happy to announce that they will develop a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree pathway by fall 2016. Advisory Committee member, Alisha Griswold (Port of Seattle) will help the degree program develop the Information Technology Certificate.

Ron May, Dean of Applied Technology/Allied Health Division shared that Pierce College’s marketing team has come up with a new initiative to market the school and programs’ Advisory Committees. What they would like to do is use Advisory Committees for marketing. They would take a picture and have members quote about the organization they are with. Robert Lord has volunteered the HSEM Advisory Committee members to participate. Linda directed everyone’s attention to the new COE-HSEM wire frame website content and address. We are going to be taking down our old site and replacing it with our new redesigned website. Amy Foster, a graphics and web designer at the college is helping the Center with the redesign for the new website. Robert Lord showed the members his educational plan for the Fire Command and HSEM degree programs and mentioned that he would like to integrate some of the HSEM courses with the FCA.

The next Advisory Committee meeting will take place on May 20, 2014 at Pierce County Emergency Management. Lowell Porter, Director of Pierce County Emergency Management, will be introduced as a new member and the Center and HSEM degree program are ecstatic about the new addition to the list of members. The upcoming meeting will focus more on a discussion of topics that our Co-Chairs will assist. Our goal is to keep the members engaged with what is going on in the industry and how we can improve our program.



March 6, 2014

Press Release: 2014 COE-HSEM Summit!

2014 State of the State – Discovering Communities of Practice and Career Pathways in HSEM Summit: June 17 & 18, McGavick Conference Center, Lakewood, WA.

The Homeland Security Emergency Management industry is rapidly growing and changing. Jobs within the industry are varied and becoming more specialized and technical. This Summit, sponsored by the Center of Excellence for Homeland Security Emergency Management, will bring together practitioners and educators from around the state to share their knowledge and experience with others in this “communities of practice.”

This Summit will address many issues including the importance of all hazards Emergency Management as it is being used in both the public and private business sector, the intersections of health care and cyber security with Emergency Management and the changing world on eLearning with new tools and other innovations.

Who is part of this “Communities of Practice” that should be attending our Summit?


–        First Responders

–        IT Professionals

–        Allied/Public Health Educators & Practitioners

–        Risk Management & Business Continuity Professionals

–        HSEM Educators and Practitioners

–        Global Trade Supply Chain Management Industries

–        Public Safety and Private Security

–        Maritime Port & Transportation Security

–        Food Safety and Food Security

Registration will available on our website, , starting March 25, 2014. Please contact Kellie Hale at for more information

January 24, 2014

Puget Sound Cyber Security Summit

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2014 Puget Sound Cyber Security Summit

Cascadia Subduction Zone 2016 Castrophic Earthquake and Tsumani Exercise Kick-Off Meeting

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May 21, 2013

2013 Upcoming Events:

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For Teachers and Community Educators–

Educational and professional development opportunities are available this summer for teachers interested in expanding their curriculum to include an emphasis on Cascade Range volcanoes.  The USGS-CVO, in cooperation with other agencies, offers these workshops and resources for community and classroom educators.


  • Mount St. Helens Teacher Workshop, June 24-26, 2013. This three-day workshop, offered at the Coldwater Science and Learning Center, provides information and resources for your school’s field trip to Mount St. Helens.  More information will be posted soon by the Mount St. Helens Institute at
  • Mount Rainier Teacher Workshop, July 29-August 2, 2013.  This five-day classroom and field-based workshop at the Mount Rainier Education Center offers information, classroom activities, and resources for Mount Rainier and other Cascade Range volcanoes.  More information will be posted soon on the Mount Rainier Teacher Professional Development, at
  • STEM Fest Vancouver Science Festival, September 21-23, 2013.  This will be a fun filled three-day Vancouver, WA, community science festival.  Watch the STEM Fest website,, for schedule details as the date approaches.
  • National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), October 24-26, 2013.  While participating in NSTA conference in Portland, OR, sign up for a half-day field trip to USGS-CVO and visit USGS-CVO’s volcano session during the NSTA meeting. NSTA information is available by clicking NSTA webpage,

April 17, 2013

Save the Date: ECC Mini-Activation – Active Shooter Recovery TTX

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King County Emergency Management is hosting the free event on June 4, for partners in their region and they are encouraging school/college emergency managers to attend.  You can contact Stephanie Supko (contact information below) if you have questions and the registration link is below.  This is a good opportunity to “exercise” your plans and work with your partner agencies in the King County area.


 When: 1:00-4:00 June 4th

Location: RCECC, Coordination Room

Open to all ESFs and regional partners – highly recommended for ESF 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 13 & 15, city and school emergency managers


Purpose:  To explore, through facilitated discussion, the responsibilities expected of a city or county Emergency Operations or Coordination Center (EOC/ECC) in response to an active shooter event once the scene has been secured.  In addition, there will be a brief presentation on the EOC impacts and responses from the event at Sandy Hook Elementary School from Mary Schoenfeldt, Everett OEM.



ESF Coordinators and Zone Coordinators, please share this invite with others whom support your ESF or zone.


Contact Information:

Stephanie Supko
Emergency Management Program, Senior Manager Plans, Training & Operations
King County Office of Emergency Management
(206) 205-4089 office
(206) 707-5433  cell
(206) 205-4056 fax



April 16, 2013

Seattle Emergency Management Summit on May 7th.

This summit is a rare opportunity to connect with peers across jurisdictions and throughout agencies.  We know it can be difficult to make time to interface with some of your fellow emergency responders when we all get caught up in the whirlwind of our own projects.  The EM Summit is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with past acquaintances and develop a few new relationships. Furthermore, these summits are the ideal setting to engage with top technology leaders on what’s new and what’s needed in the field.  Joining us on the stage this year will be leaders from the City of Seattle, the Center for Regional Disaster Resilience, the Northwest Healthcare Response Network, and others.

  You will hear about emerging technologies in preparing for mass casualty events, how experience and innovation are influencing public safety solution development , FirstNet, new video surveillance capabilities, situational awareness in disaster response, next
generation 9-1-1, and much more.  This is the event to hear about the top new technologies all in one location. Don’t miss your chance!

The full agenda and more featured speakers can be
viewed here:

I hope that you can join us for this important
event! There is no cost to attend and you can register online here:

For more information contact Marty Pastula, Publisher & Vice President, Emergency Management Media

April 8, 2013

Industry Skills Gap Summit: April 2, 2013

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Check out pictures from the Industry Skills Gap Summit on our Facebook page at:

March 19, 2013


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WASHINGTON – The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are partnering to improve public awareness for National Flood Safety Awareness Week, March 18-22, 2013. 

The agencies’ goal is to improve understanding about flood risk among individuals, families, businesses and communities. Knowledge and the right precautions can protect families, homes and finances.


“I’ve seen the devastation that can occur from floods. They can happen at any time, anywhere across the United States, which means we all need to be prepared now,” said FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate. “In addition to obtaining a flood insurance policy for your home or business, there are simple steps folks can do now to be prepared for flooding – develop a family emergency plan and have an emergency supply kit ready to go.”


Floods are the most common hazard in the United States.  However, not all floods are alike. Floods typically occur when too much rain falls or snow melts too quickly. Chunks of ice from a thawing river can block its normal flow and force water out of its banks. While some floods develop slowly, flash floods develop suddenly.  Hurricanes can bring flooding to areas far inland from where they first hit the coast, as we witnessed two years ago from the devastating impacts of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee, and last year from Hurricanes Isaac and Sandy.

There are simple steps citizens can take today to reduce their risk to all types of floods.  Flood Safety Awareness Week is an excellent time for people and communities to learn about their flood risk and implement precautions to mitigate the threat to life and property.


“Flooding is dangerous and costly, killing nearly 100 people and causing an average of eight billion dollars in property damage in the United States each year,” said Dr. Louis W. Uccellini, director, NOAA’s National Weather Service, which produces an array of flood outlooks and forecasts, including watches and life-saving warnings. “A weather-ready nation is a prepared nation; one that will reduce flood losses by planning ahead, staying abreast of weather forecasts, and heeding the warnings.”


Dr. Uccellini emphasized that a primary flood killer is flooded roadways. People should never attempt to drive through them, but should “Turn Around, Don’t Drown,” NOAA’s flood safety slogan.

NOAA will issue the 2013 U.S. Spring Outlook and flood assessment on March 21.


FEMA and NOAA will provide the public with key information related to flood hazards, and ways to protect yourself and your property each day of National Flood Safety Awareness week.

Follow FEMA on social media (Facebook and Twitter) throughout the week to stay informed and to share the information with your social networks. For more information on flood safety tips and information, visit  For information on how to obtain a flood insurance policy, visit

FEMA’s mission is to support our citizens and first responders to ensure that as a nation we work together to build, sustain, and improve our capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazards.


NOAA’s mission is to understand and predict changes in the Earth’s environment, from the depths of the ocean to the surface of the sun, and to conserve and manage our coastal and marine resources.  Join us on Facebook, Twitter and our other social media channels.


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