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eLearning supports the following systems.  Some of these systems require accounts, have ‘gateway’ training activities, or use a quarterly process to setup their use with “active” classes. Please use the links in the list below to access the assorted request forms for each need. More information on training and systems

 eCAMPUS (Canvas)


Important information regarding course Merge Requests

Due to legal and ethical concerns pertaining to student safety and privacy, at this time we are no longer merging multiple sections of a course in Canvas. However, if the sections you had hoped to merge satisfy the criteria below, please email Earl Sallade with a copy to Matthew Campbell indicating the sections you would like to merge and detailing how the sections meet the criteria.

Criteria to permit a merger of multiple sections in a single Canvas shell. ALL Criteria must be met:

  1. All sections have a grounded component (cannot be fully-online course), AND
  2. All sections meet at the same time, on the same days, and in the same room for the grounded component, AND
  3. All students across all sections meet together during the grounded component.

Ultimately, for some portion of the course, all students need to meet at the same time, on the same days, and in the same room.

            Examples – Can it be merged?

  1. My online sections have all the same content. Can they be merged? No, as it does not meet any criteria above.
  2. I have multiple sections of a hybrid. The grounded component is the lab. All labs are in the same room, but students attend a lab when their section is scheduled. Can it be merged? No, as criteria #3 has not been met.
  3. I have a double lecture. Students meet at different times for lab, but all attend the same lecture in the same room every MWF at noon. Can it be merged? Yes! All criteria are met.
  4. I have a “clustered” course. Students register for different sections that align with their level, but they all meet in a single lab together every TR at 10am. Can it be merged? Yes! All criteria are met.

We are currently working on developing systems and a process that will permit more flexibility in merging sections. However, until then, if you have additional questions, please contact Matthew Campbell at


Are you planning or already using video materials in your course? Are they closed captioned? They need to be captioned, and we can help you by providing captioning to enhance the accessibility of your courses.

We recommend creating or adding videos that will also be used in the future – recycling material is good! We can also provide specific recommendations for your videos to help enhance student learning and making them accessible at the same time. Just ask!

To get the process started, just complete this Google form: ( ).

(see descriptions…)

Quality Matters

        • Applying the QM Rubric Training Information

Information from (opens in a new tab).

The Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR) workshop is QM’s flagship workshop on the QM Rubric and the process of using the QM Rubric to review online courses. It is intended for a broad audience, including but not limited to faculty, instructional designers, administrators, and adjunct instructors who wish to understand more about the QM Rubric and process of course review.

Online, two weeks (asynchronous). Participants can expect to spend about 10-11 hours per week in this workshop to successfully complete it.

Here is the upcoming schedule. Choose the date you prefer and send an email to with your primary campus and discipline to eLearning. We’ll facilitate the registration.

Session Title Start Date End Date
Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) 2017-09-26 2017-10-10
Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) 2017-09-26 2017-10-10
Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) 2017-10-03 2017-10-17
Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) 2017-10-10 2017-10-24
Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) 2017-10-17 2017-10-31
Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) 2017-10-24 2017-11-07
Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) 2017-10-31 2017-11-14
Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) 2017-11-07 2017-11-21
Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) 2017-11-14 2017-11-28
Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) 2017-11-21 2017-12-26
Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) 2017-11-28 2017-12-12
Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) 2017-12-05 2017-12-19
Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) 2018-01-09 2018-01-23
Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) 2018-01-16 2018-01-30
Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) 2018-01-23 2018-02-06
Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) 2018-01-30 2018-02-13
Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) 2018-02-06 2018-02-20
Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) 2018-02-13 2018-02-27
Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) 2018-02-20 2018-03-06
Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) 2018-02-27 2018-03-13
Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) 2018-03-06 2018-03-20
Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) 2018-03-13 2018-03-27
Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) 2018-03-20 2018-04-03
Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) 2018-03-27 2018-04-10


      • SmarterMeasure Faculty/Advisor Assessment Review Account
      • Teaching and Advising using SmarterMeasure


      • New Account
      • SmarterSurvey Essentials
      • Teaching with SmarterSurveys


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