22. 04. 2016


Interested in hosting an International Student in your home? Check out more information about our HOME STAY FAMILY PROGRAM! http://wp.pierce.ctc.edu/blog/piercenews/2015/04/30/wanted-friendly-families-to-host-international-students/ http://wp.pierce.ctc.edu/blog/piercenews/2014/07/11/pierce-alum-brings-a-sense-of-home-to-international-students/

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11. 04. 2016

Experience Japan Presentation and Cultural Exchange!

Experience Japan!! April 18th Pierce College Fort Steilacoom- Performance Lounge With our visiting students from Osaka! Schedule: 1:30-2:30pm         Presentations Internet Addiction Hospitality as Japanese Culture 2:30-3:45pm Cross-Cultural Activities FREE FOOD!!!!   Register...

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30. 03. 2016

Education Crisis In Uganda: Bio on guest speaker Maria Nassali

Maria Nassali will be a guest speaker at Pierce College on May 13th from 12-1pm in the Performance Lounge- the topic of her lecture is Education Crisis in Uganda. To register for her lecture please...

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09. 03. 2016

Pocket Guide to TOKYO

Thinking about joining us on our Study Tour?? Check out HOSTELWORLD’S POCKET GUIDE for visitors to TOKYO!!! Tokyo Pocket Guide

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04. 03. 2016


APPLY NOW –> Japan-Korea Student Application Thanks for your interest in studying abroad in Seoul, South Korea and Tokyo, Japan! Quick Facts: Dates: July 8th-July 24th Cost: 2,345.00 Course: ART 100 (Art Appreciation) 5...

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04. 02. 2016

DYK: College Applications- The Basics

Did you know that many students who apply to highly competitive universities have their applications discarded based on the first glance by the admissions board… that’s right… your application may not even be read...

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29. 01. 2016

DYK: Understanding ‘American’ Friendship

Friendships are important! My goal with this post is to help possibly frustrated and/or friendless international students have a better understanding of how Americans interpret the “rules” of friendships, and how, as an international...

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20. 01. 2016

DYK: Conversation Essentials

International students are all guilty of traveling to the US, and then speaking their native language with students from their home country whenever the chance arises. BUT, did you know, that international students...

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07. 01. 2016

DYK: Where to Shop

Moving in general is tough. It’s hard to assimilate into a new community and learn how to get around, where to buy food, clothes, home appliances etc. Moving to a new country exemplifies...

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31. 12. 2015

DYK-Personal Responsibility

For our first week of the Did You Know (DYK) series, I want to talk about personal responsibility. In some places of the world, the phrase ‘I didn’t know’ will acquit you of any...

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