Student Services will be unavailable May 26-31

All  Pierce  College Student Service offices and online tools will be unavailable from 8  p.m. Thursday, May 26, through noon Tuesday, May 31.    All  state community and technical colleges will be affected by this shutdown,  which is the result of mandatory statewide system improvements.

The  following services will not be available May 26-31:

  • Admissions
  • Registration
  • Advising  
  • eSchedule
  • Student online  scheduling tools (i.e. schedule planner, waitlist inquiry,  transcripts, etc.)  
  • Account management  tools (i.e. change of address, PIN change,  etc.)
  • Financial aid
  • Payment services (i.e. cashiering and credit card payments)
  • Testing
  • Access and Disability Services
  • Running Start
  • TRiO
  • Veterans Services

This downtime will occur during a  registration period, but all registration activities will be suspended during  this time.  Therefore, no students will be able to register for classes  during this weekend.

Thank you for your  understanding.

6 Responses to Student Services will be unavailable May 26-31

  1. Duncan McClinton says:

    Please advise students whose registration time falls during the outage when they should attempt to register for classes.

    • Amanda Haines says:

      Great question, Duncan!

      No students were assigned registration times during the closure. This was known well in advance, so all registration was scheduled for the three days prior to the closure.



  2. Jack Wesson says:

    I cannot access Angel for a test?

  3. Nick Newman says:

    Hey, I want to start in the summer, and All I need is my advising code to sign up for classes, why does it make so diffcult to get a advising code and sign up classes? Why do I have to wait hours and days just to talk to my advisor to get a little 4number pin code? It’s really making me angry, this is my second year trying to register at your college and still fail to, and now you guys are having downtime until the 31st? And registration deadline is june 2nd I believe? Am I going to even get any of my classes I want??…. Maybe all of this happended because I am in financial aid and it takes longer, the fact of the matter is, I want to play baseball for pierce college, and there tryouts are in September, so honestly please just somone take out 10minutes of your day and help me get started, I believe I will play baseball at the next level and I obliviously need to get signed up for college before I can even start right? Pierce college will be the foundation for me.. I really want to go, Pleas just some advisor reading this, send me my advising code, Please so I can sign up for classes…

    Thank you


  4. hanna Lee says:

    Uhm.. it’s 12:30 right now on May 31, 2011. I still cannot register for classes. Is this just me or the school wide outage? Thanks

    • Amanda Haines says:

      Hmmm…that’s odd. We haven’t heard of anyone else having problems. Let me know if it continues. Good luck! –Amanda

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