Ten-Minute Play Festival spotlights Pierce writers, actors

Pierce College Theatre presents the Ten-Minute Play Festival for the spring production. Shows are May 16-19 in Studio 320 on the third level of the Cascade building at Pierce College Fort Steilacoom. Cost is $2 for Pierce students and $3 for everyone else. Tickets are available at the door or by calling the theater line at (253) 964-6710.

Ten Minute Play Festival Playbill

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The Ten-Minute Play Festival features several plays written by Pierce students and faculty members, including Denise Hartley and Michael Darcher, and by plyawrights from The Actor’s Theatre of Orcas Island Playfest. All of the actors are Pierce College students (see cast list below). The sets were designed by Danny Marshall.

Plays and cast lists

Digital Disconnect by Andrea Hendrick, Ruthie Newman and Mary Poletti

Clara: Nicholle Ortiz

Madison: Gabrielle D. Cleveland

Gertrude: Jacquelyn Edwards

Alice: Jeanene McGraw

Operator: Antonio Robinson


Core Abilities by Michael Darcher

Jeffrey: Stanton Reaves

Kim: Deacostia Law


Necessary Risks by Brigid Ehrmantraut

Annette Derek: Jaquie Leon

Briana Conner: Jacquelyn Edwards

Scientist: Antonio Robinson


One Afternoon When Barbie Wanted to Join the Military by Matt Graham

Barbie: Kellee Weiner

G.I. Joe: Grant Hillard

Ken: Addison J. Kelly

Toys: Gracelyn Pace, Adam Blank


Clear! by Ron Herman

Tess: Nicholle Ortiz

Sophie: Kelsey Villanueva


Happily Ever After by Sharon Russell

Hilda: Tara Tapp

Marian: Cami Okins

Peter: Grant Hillard

Arthur: Adam Blank

Singer: Joyce Moore

Staff: Nicholle Ortiz, Gabrielle D. Cleveland, Antonio Robinson


Walking Beauty by Denise Hartley

Soldier: Antonio Robinson

Medic: Alanna Gordon

Christina: Dela Washington

Dovie: Joyce Vann

Jesse: Charolette Farrar

Mary: Christina Heyn


Ice Cream by Keith Andreen

Chrissy: Lupe Sanchez

Ice Cream: Antonio Robinson

Vic: Stan Reaves


Round Trip Fare by Lin McNulty

Ellen: Kristi Hoffman

Kaitlyn: Alanna Gordon

Claudia: Sarah Locey

Dorothy: Joyce Moore


999 Steps by Mika Yamazaki                      

Narrator: Adam Blank

Goblinina: Jacquelyn Edwards

Bansheera: Alexis Speakman

Tormentia: Georgina Tyler

Mother/Elder: Samantha Piek

Village People: Antonio Robinson, Gracelyn Pace, Scott Eiger, Joyce Vann,

Kellee Weiner, Nicholle Ortiz

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