Junior philanthropists give to the Lakewood Computer Clubhouse

Suzy Ames, executive director of the Pierce College Foundation, accepts the generous donations from Anthony and Justin Lundberg.

In a special ceremony at the Lakewood Computer Clubhouse on Aug. 1, Justin and Anthony Lundberg, 10 and 12, of Puyallup, presented the Pierce College Foundation with two checks for $100 each, a gesture of appreciation for their time in the clubhouse’s summer robotics program several years before. The program inspired the boys and led them to enter Warren Buffett’s Grow Your Own Business Challenge, a national competition that gave children the chance to win start-up money for their own businesses.

The Lundberg boys were selected as challenge finalists and pitched their business idea to Buffett in Omaha, Neb., on May 21. Their original idea was for Super Clothes, a solar powered windbreaker that uses nanotechnology to charge personal electronics devices when they are placed into the pockets. Though the boys were not selected as the overall winners of the contest, they each received $500 in prize money.

They wanted some of that to go back to the clubhouse.

“Anthony and Justin attributed some of their knowledge to the time they spent at the clubhouse, creating, discovering, and exploring new ideas,” said Kurt Sample, clubhouse coordinator. “Through their gift, Anthony and Justin will be inspiring a whole new group of kids to explore and create.”

Their donation will go toward the purchase of a robotics kit for a new clubhouse center on Anderson Island.

The Lakewood Computer Clubhouse is a free drop-in after-school and summer educational and empowerment program for youth aged 10–18.  Clubhouse members explore cutting-edge software, collaborating with other members in an informal learning environment. More than 300 low-income Lakewood children use the clubhouse every year. It is supported by the Pierce College Foundation in partnership with the Clover Park School District, the city of Lakewood, and Pierce College.

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