Multicultural Fair has special significance for students

 By Guest Writer Alfredo De ta ttoz, a Level 6 ESL student at Pierce College 

Singing, dancing, storytelling, food, and fashion were highlights of the 2012 Multicultural Fair and Fashion Show at Pierce Puyallup.

Every year at Pierce College, ESL students have the opportunity to represent their countries and their culture. It is the most interesting activity in the fall quarter season because students can share with others their talents, food and their English skills.

To begin with talents, students bring prepared performances enriched with beautiful music and sounds. Many of them dance, sing and illustrate something about their countries. It is so enjoyable for everyone, especially for the audience, who give after every show many applauses.

Secondly, most students bring some characteristic food to share as potluck. There were special places where students, guest and visitors taste many kinds of delicious dishes. This is one great moment in which students interact with others, strengthen their relationships and learn more from one to another.

Besides sharing their talents, shows and spectacular day, students do many prepared activities supported by their instructors, such as speaking, dramatization and singing in English. It gives all students more confidence about speaking the English language. The motivation and happiness we can see on every face, and many of them expect to participate in this celebration with gratitude.

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  1. Danielle Christianson says:

    Alfredo De La Hoz — you did a remarkable job writing and conveying the message of the program. Well done and what a fantastic opportunity for all involved! 🙂

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