Help Pay for School with a Foundation Scholarship

100413_scholarship_hpHurry! Deadline is October 10

Need cash for college?  Scholarship money is waiting to be awarded for winter and spring quarters through the Pierce College Foundation— but don’t delay.  The deadline is midnight, Thursday, Oct. 10.

Visit the scholarships page on the Pierce College website for additional information (  Approximately 30 scholarships will be awarded.

All applications must be submitted online through, a free, web-based scholarship matching clearinghouse for Washington residents and students attending college in the state.  A link to the site, along with general information about the process, can be found on the Pierce College scholarships webpage.

What is the best advice for making your application stand out from the crowd?

“Do a thoughtful job writing your essay,” says Ruth Ann Hatchett, Pierce College scholarship administrator. “We depend on what you tell us about yourself, otherwise we won’t know.  Explain to us how you determined education was important to achieving your goals. Tell us as much about yourself as you are comfortable.”

All this comes with one caveat.  Be sure to keep it to one page; subsequent pages will not be considered.

Hatchett also stresses the importance of making sure the letter is easy to read and free of grammatical errors, and she recommends having someone else read it for clarity.

Another key is getting a strong letter of recommendation.  This could be from a faculty member, counselor or other college staff member.  An employer or pastor would be another great option.

“You want to have someone who can speak to your commitment to education, as well as your goals and any challenges you’ve faced,” she says.

For all the work that goes into applying, it’s nice to know that Pierce College’s one application will get applicants considered for all open scholarships at Pierce for which they qualify. These might also include scholarships for students in more targeted programs like nursing, veterinary technology or STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

What about other scholarships outside of those awarded through Pierce College?

When students register and create their profiles on, they also receive a list of all scholarships in the system that match their criteria.  Students can apply for those also, right through the website.

Besides general scholarship information, the Pierce College website also links to outside resources that provide other possible scholarship opportunities (

Deadline for fall awards is April 10, 2014.  For additional information, contact Ruth Ann Hatchett at (253) 864-3261 or

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