FALL 2 Term Has Been Added

Fall Colored Maple LeavesDue to student demand, Pierce has added a new “FALL 2” term with five popular online courses. These courses run for eight weeks, beginning October 21 and ending December 17.

You can register online using your current RAC. In addition, alternative MIL Fall 2 courses are also available.
If you have questions about the calendar, courses, or registration, please use the contact information below:
FS: Alicia Serrano (FS) at 253-964-6418 or visit the Welcome Center
PY: Jamie Silva (PY) at 253-864-3227or visit the Student Success Center

Available Classes:

ITEM 5608 MATH 107 Math and Society 5 credits
ITEM 5894 INFO 101 Research Essentials 2 credits
ITEM 5513 GEOG 100 Intro to Geography 5 Credits
ITEM 5526 CMST 101 Intro to Communications 5 credits
ITEM 5507 JOURN 125 The Documentary 5 credits

Additional FALL 2 Term Online Classes: http://www.pierce.ctc.edu/military/schedule/onlinesch

Additional FALL 2 Term Grounded Classes: http://www.pierce.ctc.edu/military/schedule/classsch  (Note that non-military students ARE eligible to take courses on base)

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