Pierce College District Running Start Tips, Reminders and Helpful Hints for RS Students

Finding your Textbooks

September 13

Finding Your Textbooks

September 13

You should plan to purchase your books at least a week or two before the quarter starts. If you wait until the first day, the bookstore will be very busy and it could take you an hour or two before you will be able to leave with your purchases. Also, if extra people overload in to your class, the bookstore may not have enough books for all of the students enrolled. If this happens, you may end up having to wait up to a week before the new books will be in. This could cause you to fall behind in your classes. To avoid this problem, it’s a good idea to buy your books early.

You can find the books you need for each class using your schedule and the bookstore website. There are a few important things you’ll want to look for on your schedule –

  • the course name & number, such as MATH 142
  • the campus your class is at, either Puyallup or Fort Steilacoom
  • the item number of the course
  1. Go to the bookstore website: http://www.pierce.ctc.edu/dist/bookstore/
  1. Select the campus where you will attend classes
  2. Click on the star for new textbooks, the recycle symbol for used or the rental or e-book options.

  1. You will be on the “Your Customized Textbook List” page
  2. Look for the red bar “Step One: Find Your Course”

  1. Select campus from the dropdown menu
  2. Select term from the dropdown menu
  3. Select Department
  4. Select Course
  5. Select section *Please note section number is the same as your registration item number
  6.  Click Add Course

Your course will be added to the list on the right side (Step Two: Review Your Courses)

12. Click “View Textbook List”

You can then add Selected Items to Shopping Cart

If you decide not to purchase

your books from the bookstore, you should be able to find the books you need from other websites such as Amazon.com or a site of your choice. Just be sure to pay attention to the ISBN so you are purchasing the correct edition of the book.

How to use the College Catalog

August 27

How to Sign up for your Advising Appointment Online!

July 31

How to use the eSchedule:

July 31

Here is a brief tutorial on how to use the eSchedule.  Please feel free to contact any one of the RS Team members for help. 🙂

Inclement Weather Information

January 17

About Inclement Weather, Emergencies or Widespread Illness


Finding Out Whether the Campuses Are Open
Sign up now to receive text or email updates describing campus closures or delays. Go to www.schoolreport.org for details. Listen to local TV and radio news for up-to-date information about closures and delays. You can also look online at www.schoolreport.org or www.pierce.ctc.edu, or call (253) 964-6500 – Fort Steilacoom or (253) 840-8400 – Puyallup for a recorded message.

Communicating With Your Professor When the Campus is Closed
Professors provide contact information on their course syllabus. Professors may communicate closure information and assignments using your student email account (it’s free!).

Check your student email account frequently whenever the campus is closed. In most cases your professor will expect you to complete assignments listed on the course syllabus, even if the class is not able to meet. Contact your professor if you have specific questions about class assignments.

Transferring From a Running Start Student’s Perspective

January 12

The Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me About Transferring
by Nataly

First off, transferring really isn’t as scary as I thought it would be, but it can be stressful.

When you are choosing and applying to universities, don’t limit yourself! I applied to six different in state universities and was accepted to all of them. This gave me the option to decide where I really wanted to go. If you only apply to one school, then you might be selling yourself short on other possibilities. The worst they can say is no and your life isn’t over if they do. So just apply to as many as you can. BUT no matter what, make sure you chose a university YOU want to go to. There are plenty of diverse schools in this state that you can choose from. Look into what feels comfortable to you. Think about these things:

How is the environment?

Could I see myself living here?

Do they offer the program or major I want to pursue?

If you need to factor in finances then think about that too. I thought I wanted to go to one university that I lived by my entire life, then the last minute I decided to attend a different university that felt more like home and gave me more options for my education.

Coming in with Running Start credits gave me many advantages at the university. I was able to register early, and had a better chance of getting the classes I wanted. The down side is you have to know what you want to major in right when you go in (that is if you graduated from the running start program with your associates degree). If you can apply to your major at the same time that you apply to the school then you will be off to a great start. If not, then you might have to wait an extra year to make the deadline or take classes for

a back up major/minor. One good thing to keep in mind is always having a back up major. Make sure it is something you will be interested in and something you would want to pursue. The more back up majors you have, the more prepared you will be. I want to major in business but still need to finish up prerequisites.  I found that I needed to take microeconomics before taking macroeconomics for my program. For other majors, look into what classes have prerequisites that need to be taken first at the university so you can be right on track when you transfer.

When you do register for classes at the university, make sure you have read through both the schedule of classes offered that quarter/semester, and you have read through the course catalog. The course catalog will give you a description of what the class is about and sometimes it tells you what other quarters/semesters that class is offered. This is nice to know incase you have other classes you need to take first. The catalog is just one extra tool to help you organize yourself when you are picking out classes.

Once at the university you will be tempted to hang out with the people at your dorm or within your living space. There is nothing wrong with making friends, but make sure you know when to say no to people when you have to do homework or study for an exam. Become friends with the people in your classes in case you miss a day and need notes. I suggest that during the week you focus on classes and homework, and try to get it done before the weekend. That way you can be free from homework and enjoy the weekend with your new friends.

Adjusting to the dorm life might be tough for some of you. Just give it time, do some of the same things you did at home, and make sure you remember to get some sleep. It is okay to call or text your parents. You will find out that there are students like you who also miss home and their families. You will have something in common to talk about with them!

For some the university workload might be really easy, for others, it can be hard and stressful. I can’t say this enough but make sure you GO TO CLASS. You won’t have your mom and dad to wake you up to remind you to go. You are on your own.

You will have advisors at your university just like you did at Pierce. Make sure you go talk to them. They can give you great insight on different options you could have for classes or how to get into a major, or give you information you need to find out about different things.

One way to keep in touch with advisors, professors, TA’s and other people on campus is through email. Make sure to check your email everyday! In the morning and at night! Professors will send crucial information via email. Whether they are telling you class is cancelled or they are giving you insight about an assignment that is due, or even assigning you more homework, it is all worth looking at!

Lastly, I want to leave you with something I hope you will always keep in mind. Don’t ever give up and don’t ever get discouraged. You are there to learn and better yourself. Take time to worry about yourself everyday. Take 5 minutes of quiet time to collect your thoughts. If you don’t do so well the first quarter/semester, remember that it was only your first! You can do better the next time. The first quarter/semester is all about adjusting to your new life. It really is trial and error at this point in time. Upperclassmen can give you advice on classes to take, things to get involved in, cool hang out spots, but it is up to you to figure out what advice you are going to take and what you want to discover on your own. Ask for help when you need help and remember you aren’t the only one going through the problems you have.

The effort you put forth at the university will show up in your grades, your experiences, the amount of friends you have, and your ability to be successful.

Nataly is a former Running Start student.  She graduated from Pierce College in 2010 and is now a junior at the University of Washington.

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Checking your registration day and time

October 21

At Pierce College, registration times are based on seniority.  That means that students who have more credits register before students with fewer credits.  This also means that each student has their own unique registration day and time.

To find your registration day and time, do the following:

1. Go to the Pierce College Student Online Services page: http://www.pierce.ctc.edu/sos/

2. On the left side of the screen, under the Registration and Records heading, click on the link called Your Registration Time. You will be directed to the When to Register page.

3. On the When to Register page, enter your Pierce College student ID number and your inquiry pin (usually your birthday) into the appropriate boxes.  Then choose the quarter you are trying to register for.

4. You will then be directed to the page that will tell you when you can register.  Your registration date is called “Appt. Date” and your registration time is called “Appt. Time.” Please be aware that this is NOT an appointment with a Running Start advisor. This is the earliest time you can register.  You still need to call and schedule your own appointment day and time for advising, preferably before your registration day and time.

To schedule an advising appointment with a Running Start advisor, call the following numbers:

Puyallup students: 253-840-8329
Fort Steilacoom students: 253-964-6520

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Pierce College Running Start has Facebook!

September 16

We are going to be using our Facebook pages in addition to emails and blogs to help keep you up to date on important events and activities happening at the college.

Please note that the Puyallup Campus and the Fort Steilacoom Campus both have their own pages.

Click here for the Pierce College Puyallup Running Start Facebook page and here for the Pierce College Fort Steilacoom Running Start Facebook page .

Did you know that Pierce College also has a general Facebook Page? Click here for the General Pierce College Facebook page.


June 16

Remember that grades are never mailed home.

 In order to obtain your grades for the classes that you were enrolled in you can follow these instructions:

  •  Log on to the newly redesigned Pierce College website (www.pierce.ctc.edu)
  • Click on “Student Online Services”, now located in the middle of the lower portion.
  • On the left hand side, under the header “Registration & Records” click on “Transcripts and Grades”
  • From here you will need to enter your Student ID number and your PIN.  Your PIN is your date of birth (MMDDYY).

 If you have any questions about the grade you earned please contact your instructor.  Remember that they may not be back on campus or able to answer an email until the first day of Fall Quarter.


 If, due to the grades you earned for the quarter, you feel that you might be on academic probation, suspension or dismissal please check the back of your pre-enrollment form.  The back of the form explains the academic policy for Running Start students.

 If you have other questions about your grades please feel free to check the Pierce College website at (http://www.pierce.ctc.edu/about/policy/grading).  This site explains the grading policy, the conversion from numeric to letter grades as well as most other questions you may have regarding the grades you earned in Spring Quarter 2010.

Pierce College E-mail

May 7

One of the requirements of Running Start students, who are registered for classes, is to have a Pierce College e-mail account and read all correspondence sent by Pierce College.  This is the official means of communication with students.

Important notifications such as when to register, ed plan information, graduation and official correspondence will be sent only to students’ Pierce College e-mail.  Notifications and correspondence WILL NOT be sent to a student’s personal e-mail account.

To log in to your e-mail account for the first time, please visit this link Log in to your email account.  From there, you will receive further instructions on how to log in and how to forward your Pierce College e-mail to another e-mail account.

Technical Help

If you experience technical problems with your e-mail or if you need to have your account reset because of a name change, contact the Pierce College Tech Help Desk at (253) 840-TECH (8324).

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