September 13

Finding Your Textbooks

September 13

You should plan to purchase your books at least a week or two before the quarter starts. If you wait until the first day, the bookstore will be very busy and it could take you an hour or two before you will be able to leave with your purchases. Also, if extra people overload in to your class, the bookstore may not have enough books for all of the students enrolled. If this happens, you may end up having to wait up to a week before the new books will be in. This could cause you to fall behind in your classes. To avoid this problem, it’s a good idea to buy your books early.

You can find the books you need for each class using your schedule and the bookstore website. There are a few important things you’ll want to look for on your schedule –

  • the course name & number, such as MATH 142
  • the campus your class is at, either Puyallup or Fort Steilacoom
  • the item number of the course
  1. Go to the bookstore website:
  1. Select the campus where you will attend classes
  2. Click on the star for new textbooks, the recycle symbol for used or the rental or e-book options.

  1. You will be on the “Your Customized Textbook List” page
  2. Look for the red bar “Step One: Find Your Course”

  1. Select campus from the dropdown menu
  2. Select term from the dropdown menu
  3. Select Department
  4. Select Course
  5. Select section *Please note section number is the same as your registration item number
  6.  Click Add Course

Your course will be added to the list on the right side (Step Two: Review Your Courses)

12. Click “View Textbook List”

You can then add Selected Items to Shopping Cart

If you decide not to purchase

your books from the bookstore, you should be able to find the books you need from other websites such as or a site of your choice. Just be sure to pay attention to the ISBN so you are purchasing the correct edition of the book.