Venus Transit June 5, 2012

Come and experience the 2012 Venus Transit at Pierce College!  This rare astronomical event won’t happen again for 105 years so it is your last chance to see it.  Venus will pass directly between us and the sun and create a mini-eclipse.  Astronomy students will be outside the Rainier building with telescopes and projection equipment so that you can safely view the event from 3-9pm and there will be public lectures on the historical and astronomical significance at 4pm, 6pm and 8pm in Rainier 361.

Bring the family!  Learn about how to view the sun safely and let the kids make pin hole cameras.

Rain or Shine!  We won’t let the weather get in the way.  If it is cloudy you’ll still be able to see the transit via a live video stream inside.

All events will be outside or inside the Rainier building.  Everything is completely FREE!

Here's a picture from the last Venus transit in 2004. (c) Mr. Eclipse

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