A Sneak Peek

We are getting excited for the grand opening this Saturday January 19th, 11 am-4:30 pm!

If you are feeling bummed that you didn’t get seats to one of the shows on Saturday stop by and put your name on the waiting list.  See that floor space up in front?  We have some cushions to make that some of the best “seats” in the house and they aren’t reserved!  So we’ll have room for a few more on Saturday.

In addition to Dome shows we have plenty to do!  The Tacoma Astronomical Society will have hourly presentations on Black Holes and the Apollo Missions to the Moon.  You can “taste” a comet, make your hair stand on end, extract DNA and much more at the hands-on exploration stations.  Watch a Chemistry Demo show and learn how to make the best science fair project. Our Dental Hygiene Clinic will be there too providing free screenings and the Lakewood Computer Clubhouse will have robots to show off!

Can’t make it Saturday?  Check out our Public Shows.