Venus Transit Recap

Thanks to everyone who made it out to see the Venus Transit!  There were well over 1000 people – luckily spread out over the 6 hours- who stopped by to catch this rare event!  We had a patch of beautiful blue skies the whole transit with just intermittent clouds.

photo by Ralph Morasch

If you were lucky enough to be there right at the beginning of the transit we were able to see the famous ring around Venus from light refracting through Venus’ atmosphere.  Several groups of sunspots were also visible on the sun surface.

Sunspots and Venus, photo by Ralph Morasch

Using the solar scope to view the transit, photo by Ralph Morasch

Thanks to some great astronomy students for making solar filters, solar funnels and telescope projectors, there were lots of great ways to see the transit!  Tacoma Astronomical Society members also dropped by with some bigger telescopes and H-alpha filters.

Venus and the sun projected with a solar funnel, photo by Dennis Brew

photo by Suzzanne Freeborn

Venus Transit June 5, 2012

Come and experience the 2012 Venus Transit at Pierce College!  This rare astronomical event won’t happen again for 105 years so it is your last chance to see it.  Venus will pass directly between us and the sun and create a mini-eclipse.  Astronomy students will be outside the Rainier building with telescopes and projection equipment so that you can safely view the event from 3-9pm and there will be public lectures on the historical and astronomical significance at 4pm, 6pm and 8pm in Rainier 361.

Bring the family!  Learn about how to view the sun safely and let the kids make pin hole cameras.

Rain or Shine!  We won’t let the weather get in the way.  If it is cloudy you’ll still be able to see the transit via a live video stream inside.

All events will be outside or inside the Rainier building.  Everything is completely FREE!

Here's a picture from the last Venus transit in 2004. (c) Mr. Eclipse