Lakewood MakerFest 2014

Stop by the Science Dome this weekend for the 2nd Annual Lakewood MakerFest.  MakerFest is a collaboration between Pierce County Library System, City of Lakewood, Lakewood Computer Clubhouse and Pierce College.

MakerFest, Aug. 9th

@ Pierce College Science Dome and Rainier Building

MakerFest is a free all-ages event. Meet the local makers, be inspired by their projects, creations and inventions, and catch the making bug.

  • All Free
  • Fun for all ages!
  • Dome Schedule (free, no reservation necessary)
    • 1:15pm – Sol to Elhaz: The Making of a Solar System – Katie Iadanza, Pierce College
    • 2:00pm – Introduction to 3D printing – Terri May, Pierce County Library System
    • 2:30 – Back to the Moon For Good (video)
    • 3:00pm – Coder Dojo and Teen Summer Challenge at the Library – Elise Doney, Pierce County Library System
    • 3:30pm – Sol to Elhaz: The Making of a Solar System – Katie Iadanza, Pierce College
    • 4:15pm – Back to the Moon For Good (video)


Astronomy Fair 2014

August 2nd
@ Pierce College Science Dome and Rainier Building
Hosted by the Tacoma Astronomical Society

Science Dome Shows:

  • Children’s Show – Planetary Explorers 12:30 pm, 2:00 pm
  • All Ages Show – Chasing the Ghost Particle 3:15 pm
  • Cash only at the door OR Purchase online 

Free Activities:
noon – 5 pm

  • Stomp Rockets
  • Solar Viewing
  • Comet Making
  • Classroom Presentations
  • and more!

9 pm – Telescope Viewing (weather permitting)


Lakewood MakerFest

The Lakewood MakerFest is just two and a half weeks away.  Register now to showcase your project or mark your calendars to come and see the great things others have made.

From the Lakewood MakerFest website:

Register to showcase your project

Celebrate all things made by you during the second annual Lakewood MakerFest from 1-5 p.m. on Aug. 9 at Pierce College.

MakerFest is a free all-ages event. Register as a maker to display your project, or attend this year’s event as a visitor. Meet the makers, be inspired by their projects, creations and inventions, and catch the making bug.

Suggested categories include alternative energy, art, data collection, electronics & technology, gaming, mechanical things, photo, practical ideas, robotics, sewing, sculpture and video. Don’t see your category on the list? That’s okay! If you can make it, you can bring it.

The event will be held in the Rainier Building at Pierce College’s Fort Steilacoom campus, 9401 Farwest Drive S.W., Lakewood.This free event is sponsored by Pierce County Library SystemCity of LakewoodLakewood Computer Clubhouse and Pierce College.

2nd Annual Science Fact or Science Fiction?


Saturday, June 7, noon-3:30 pm

  • Free and open to everyone!
  • Learn about the science behind science fiction
  • Hands-on science demonstrations
  • Free screening of Space Junk  (reserve seats in advance) @ 12 pm, 12:50 pm, 1:40 pm, 2:30 pm, 3:20 pm

Space Junk: Have you ever wondered what happens to all of that stuff that we sent up into space when we don’t want it or it doesn’t work any more?  Space Junk takes a look at how crowded our inner space has become and what dangers it poses to current satellites and future human space flight.

Eventbrite - Science Fact or Science Fiction: Premier of Space Junk (FREE)


Earth Day Special!

Join us for a free viewing of Dynamic Earth: Exploring Earth’s Climate Engine and the short Losing the Dark.  April 22nd, Earth Day at 11:00 am and 1:30 pm.  No reservations, first come – first seated.DynamicEarthLosingTheDark

A new children’s show and a new time!

If you have attended one of our children’s shows recently you’ve probably notice that they are quite crowded!  So, we are offering a second show time for our children’s shows.  You can now catch one at either 12:30 pm or 2 pm on Saturdays.

In addition to a new time, we have also finished our newest children’s show: Magnificent Moons.  Like all of our children’s shows this one is designed for our youngest visitors aged 3-8 and will include lots of demos and hands-on fun.  The best part?  Adults get in free!


Magnificent Moons: Is Earth the only planet with a moon? Are all moons simple rocks like ours? Make sure you’re buckled up because we’ll be visiting some of the solar system’s strangest and most unique locations as we explore its many magnificent moons!

Reserve seats through the 3rd party eventbrite: Eventbrite - Children's Show: Magnificent Moons

Pi Day – 2014


Join us for Pi Day!

March 14, 2014

  • Fun for all ages!
  • Hands on Math and Science Demos (3:14 – 6pm)
    • Motion Commotion – Christina Pederson, Wil Pirnie, David Kind
    • Got Yolk? – Crystal Lo Tin, Melissa Stitt-Dastous, Cameron Cyprain
    • Where does the Moon go? – Anthony Walker, Phil Varia
    • Exploring the sizes of our Solar System – Lydia Mehm, James Woods
    • Gravity Well – Cady Dean, Jeff Ward
    • 3D Movies for the 1D Mind – Stephen Stabbert, Mike Dickson, Andrew Gates, Benjamin Lam
    • Hang Time – Hali Sayers, Amanda Perez
    • Arc Enemies – Sherri Stokes, Christina Winterburn
    • Explosive Engine – Kevin Chan, Nick Chan, Roy Wong
    • How much do you weigh in the Milky Way? – Hannah Wattnem, Ros Vanalstine
  • Pi Recitation Contests
    • How many digits of pi can you recite?  How fast can you do it?
  • Free Planetarium Show: Chaos & Order (3:15, 4:10, 5 pm) All seats have been reserved!  We will start a waiting list on Pi Day.  You must be present to put your name on the list. Eventbrite - Pi Day: Chaos and Order (FREE)
  • Free Planetarium Show: Undiscovered Worlds All seats have been reserved!  We will start a waiting list on Pi Day.  You must be present to put your name on the list.(6 pm, 7 pm – new time!Eventbrite - Pi Day: Premiere of Undiscovered Worlds (FREE)
  • Statistics Projects
    • Pierce College Students’ Perceptions on Lung Cancer and Actual Statistics – Rachel Brown, Sharon Thomas, Robert Maloney, Jame Minzey
    • Modern Day Watergate! Pierce College Students’ Awareness and Feelings of NSA Monitoring – Monicah Ngugi, Doan Hanh Truong, Zachary Cottrell, Crystal Standlea
    • Poverty in Washington State – Haley Marion, Alexis Jordan, Samone Sanders, Hannelore Brown
    • Syria: Statistics on how much do Pierce College Students Know – Schuyler Shannon, Megan Mullen, Billie Edwards
    • Poor-Favor: Pierce College Students’ Perceptions of Poverty – Robert Doolan, John Goon, Ashley Renner, Nina Calderon
    • Statistics on Missing Children – Are you Aware? – Emily Grenier, Tori Sorenson, Sierra Smith


Comets, Asteroids and Meteors, Oh My! – A New Children’s Show

Comets, Asteroids, and Meteors, Oh My! Poster

Join us for a new interactive Children’s show, designed by our science dome staff for our youngest visitors aged 3-8 years.

What makes comets, asteroids, and meteors different from each other? Are they just rocks that float around in space?  Make sure you’re buckled in as we zoom through our solar system to figure it out! Feel the ice cold of comets and the warm heat from the sun. Learn how space affects comets, asteroids, and meteors.

The show starts Saturday January 4th at 2 pm and will run every Saturday for the next couple of months.

Cost: $3 per child, Adults get in free!

Seats can be purchased online through the 3rd party eventbrite for an additional fee, or purchased for cash only at the door.

Eventbrite - Comets, Asteroids and Meteors, Oh My! A Children's Show

Comet Day & Premiere of “Back to the Moon for Good”

 Comet Day!


  • Friday December 6th , 5-8 pm
  • Free Family Fun!
  • Science Dome presentations (seats can be reserved in advance)
  • Hands-on Science Activities

Comet ISON is a giant ball of ice and rock that was discovered last fall, and is currently hurtling toward the sun from the outer solar system.  As it passes the sun on Thanksgiving day its fate is unpredictable.  The warmth from the sun may break it up into disappearing pieces or cause it to shine bright enough to be seen during the day!  Join us on December 6th to learn about comets and so much more!  Check out the full schedule on our Events page. Seats for the planetarium shows can be reserved online for free through Eventbrite 

The festivities will be followed by the FREE premiere of Back to the Moon For Good at 8 pm! The Science Dome is one of the first planetariums to get this new show worldwide!



The 25-minute digital film highlights the history of exploring the moon and provides an insider’s look at the teams vying for the $30 million Google Lunar XPRIZE, the largest incentivized prize in history.

Back To The Moon For Good begins with a tour through the history of lunar exploration, tracing back to the 1960s and 1970s. We hear from some of the teams racing to land a robotic spacecraft on the moon and win the Google Lunar XPRIZE. The audience is taken on a successful launch, landing and tour of the lunar surface. The show ends with an enticing visualization of a future settlement on the moon.

The stunning visuals and compelling narrative of the show explain the importance of the Google Lunar XPRIZE in encouraging today’s space entrepreneurs and innovators to collaborate toward building a new space economy while inspiring the next generation to “shoot for the moon.”

The show was executive produced by Robert K. Weiss and Alexandra Hall, produced by NSC Creative, an award-winning computer animation studio, and written by Ryan Wyatt.

Pluto, The Forgotten Planet – A New Kids’ Show!


This interactive show is specially designed for our youngest visitors aged 3-8.  You can expect to get up out of your seat and get moving!

Join us on a trip to the outer solar system to visit the frigid Pluto and its companions.  Experience a changing of seasons on the mysterious Pluto and learn why it only sometimes has an atmosphere.  Learn why Pluto “the dwarf planet” is no longer Pluto “the planet” and discover other dwarf planets along the way!

Pluto, The Forgotten Planet starts this Saturday August 31st at 2 pm and will run for several weeks.

Kids (3-8) $3, Adults get in free.

Cash only at the door or reserve seats online for a small fee (clicking on the link below will take you to a 3rd party website).
Eventbrite - Pluto: The Forgotten Planet, a Children's Show