Winter Quarter advising begins November 8th

New and current students should take time this week to make an appointment for advising next week or the week after.  Early advising means that you can register on time and get the classes you need.  Registration begins November 15th.

The interpreting courses offered Winter Quarter are:

  • INTP 101 Introduction to Language Interpreting  (online)  5 credits
  • INTP 105 Ethics of Interpreting (Fort Steilacoom)  5 credits
  • INTP 110 Foundations of Interpreting Skills (Fort Steilacoom–includes lab)  5 credits
  • INTP 201 Social Service Interpreting Skills (Fort Steilacoom–includes lab–prequisites:  SSMH 100 [may be taken concurrently] and INTP 110) 4 credits
  • INTP 297 S/M/L Practicum (must have instructor permission and be enrolled in INTP 298–Fort Steilacoom) 1 credit each
  • INTP 298 a/b/c Practicum (must have instructor permission and be enrolled in INTP 297–Fort Steilacoom) 1 credit each

Other courses of interest for interpreting students offered Winter Quarter are:

  • BTECH 111 Keyboarding Skills (lab format–Fort Steilacoom) 3 credits
  • BTECH 200 A, B Microsoft Word (lab format–Fort Steilacoom) 1 credit each
  • BTECH 210 A Microsoft Excel (lab format–Fort Steilacoom) 1 credit
  • BTECH 150 Medical Terminology I (lecture or lab format–Fort Steilacoom or online) 5 credits
  • BTECH 151 Medical Terminology II (lab format–Fort Steilacoom or online) 5 credits
  • for BTECH classes at Puyallup, see the Class Schedule (BTECH 111 is offered as the 1-credit modules BTECH 115 A + 116 A, B)
  • SSMH 100 Introduction to Human Services (Fort Steilacoom) 5 credits

For an advising appointment, contact Terry Mirande at or 253.964.6476, or stop by during office hours:  MWF 9-10 and TTh 11:30-12:30.

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